Custom Participant Website, Employer Website & Secure Trustee Portal

BeneSys offers robust online services to Participants, Employers, and Trustees.

We provide a unique, customized private labeled website for each client, designed to provide the Participants with all information necessary to help understand and make full use of their plans.

The Participant Website enables users to view such information as:

  • Health Care Eligibility and Benefits
  • Employer Contributions
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Latest Plan Changes
  • Explanation of Benefit Forms
  • Open Enrollment Forms
  • Fund Office Contact Information
  • News and Events
  • Links to other useful sites (Local, etc.)

The BeneSys Employer Website provides the ability to upload (or enter manually) contributions via a website that are directly funneled to the contributions and collections sub-system within the BeneSys benefits system.

The Trustee Website acts as a repository for the following information: meeting schedules, Trustee and professional rosters, meeting booklets, minutes, financials, investment reports, audit reports, etc. all on a historical basis.